Mariatu Kargbo, MSN, BC-FNP, EJD



Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Health College, Ms. Kargbo, a graduate of George Mason University, achieved her Masters Degree in Nursing with a focus in Family Medicine, and received her EJD degree from Concord Law School.

Teaching Philosopy

Learning is the uttermost fulfilling achievement one can endure. Therefore, my goal is to ensure that each Global Health College graduate is ingrained with key attributes needed to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. I believe that the initial inquiry towards education is the most important step to effectively master new concepts and skills. Further, I believe that the essential goal of teaching is to facilitate learning with a broad scope of learning styles. Knowing that the process of effective learning occurs by the use of images, words, touch, logic, or interpersonal skills, I believe that understanding these elements are imperative to make certain that each person achieve his or her maximum potential. Learning for the student is also enhanced when the instructor presents the material in an enthusiastic, energetic and passionate manner.

My passion about inculcating knowledge to student’s, lies with my belief that learning is the most empowering of human experiences. As I strive in modeling the role of a learner and taking pride in the materials presented, I also encourage learning by creating a soothing environment for students as well as stimulating zealous conversation about the concepts being presented. I feel that organizing my lecture in this manner not only makes the presented topics easier to understand, but also allows for the materials to have a more lasting effect. It is this approach that in turn emphasizes nursing care as educational as well as holistic. This is best illustrated when I am teaching Medical-Surgical Nursing on how learning anatomy & physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, fundamental skills, and geriatric nursing integrate into a multidisciplinary approach.

One of the most important concepts I hope to impart to student is that learning is a lifelong process. To model this approach, I frequently take college courses to advance my education and engage in continuing education conferences to stay up to date with new trends and discoveries in the healthcare field. Further, as I continue to instruct classes, I also aim to enhance my ease and confidence in front of classrooms and audiences by actively mastering the concepts. To instruct I feel I am giving students the tools to become successful in life, to believe in themselves, and to love themselves. Hence, as clearly stated by Albert Einstein “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

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