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What Students and Alumni are Saying…

“Nursing is my second career, I was in the finance field as a mortgage banker and was searching for a new career. I knew healthcare was a growth industry and decided to pursue nursing as my new profession. After researching schools, I selected Global Health College as I saw that it had a high NCLEX pass rate and focused exclusively on nursing. The instructors were very knowledgeable and always attentive to students. I am looking forward to applying my skills as a Registered Nurse in my new job.”

Min-Chau Tran, RN Graduate

“I received my PN Diploma and RN Associate Degree from Global Health College. I knew GHC was the college for me the minute I met with the welcoming and helpful Admissions team.  The PN Program was difficult but rewarding. The RN Program instructors were amazing educators and thoughtful mentors. Each instructor I had believed in my potential, encouraging me every step of the way. The education I received at GHC has made me who I am today…a competent and passionate OB/GYN nurse who enjoys making a difference in patients’ lives every day.”

Fatima Zulu, LPN, RN Graduate

“I was referred to Global Health College by a friend and am very thankful. I recently graduated from the Registered Nursing Program and passed my NCLEX on the first try.  I really liked the theory-based training and hands-on clinical experience I received at Global—it provided me with a strong foundation and confidence to be an exceptional nurse. The instructors were supportive and patient answering all my questions no matter how many and encouraging me to work hard and stay focused.”

Agatha Cole, RN Graduate

“Global Health College gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse and provided me with the best possible education which enabled me to pass my NCLEX exam on the first try….I received my LPN and my RN Associate Degree and am now returning to obtain my BSN Degree”

Daryl Thomas  LPN, RN Graduate and Current RN to BSN Student

“The diversity of nursing can take you in so many directions…I ended up pioneering the role of a nurse being a Healthcare Advocate and am now sharing my knowledge and experiences as a healthcare contributor to ABC News.”

Michelle Katz, LPN Graduate

“I love the teachers, they are very encouraging and the fact that the class sizes are smaller enables them to focus on each student …they really care about the education they are providing and want to ensure that when we go out to work in the nursing field we know what we are doing and do it well.”

Alicia Doe, RN Student

“It wasn’t a matter of what I wanted to do it was a matter of finding a school that met my criteria. I researched nursing schools and found that Global Health College was the right fit for me and met my needs…it had very high NCLEX pass rates, was accredited and affordable.”

Emily Gardner, RN Student

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