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Gateway to Nursing   (Currently not accepting new applicants)

Program Overview

The Gateway to Nursing Program is a unique educational opportunity designed to provide individuals who are interested in a nursing career with the chance to begin a rewarding 18-month journey. The goal of the Gateway Program is to introduce dedicated students to a new career in nursing by providing a detailed path from Nurse Aide (NA), to Medication Aide (MA), to Practical Nurse (PN). Global Health College is committed to the success of each student who is accepted into the Gateway to Nursing Program

Global Health College provides students who are accepted into the Gateway to Nursing Program with a tuition credit of $1,200. Also, upon successful completion and certification in the Nurse Aide and Medication Aide phases of the Gateway to Nursing Program, students will receive a $7,000 scholarship towards their practical nurse diploma to be paid once all requirements are satisfied.*      

*Must meet all the requirements, terms, and conditions of the Gateway to Nursing Program in order to receive the Practical Nurse Scholarship.

Nurse Aide (NA) Phase One

The Nurse Aide is the first phase of the Gateway Program. The 7- week NA Program consists of 120 hours, which comprise 80 hours of instructional lectures and 40 clinical hours. Upon successful completion of this first phase, students are equipped with the skills and hands-on knowledge to take the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Exam. After the student obtains their certification, the next step is to move to Phase two of the Gateway Program.

Medication Aide (MA) Phase Two

The Medication Aide is five weeks and represents phase two of the Gateway Program. It consists of 48 hours of lecture and 20 hours of clinical education. This program prepares students to successfully complete the Medication Aide Certification Exam (MACE). 

Practical Nurse (PN) Third and Final Phase

The Practical Nurse Program represents phase three of the Gateway to Nursing Program. It prepares students to build on the knowledge they have obtained from the Nurse Aide and Medication Aide Programs. This is a 13-month, full-time program and provides comprehensive lectures and clinical rotations at various hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The program requires students to complete 1,328 clocked hours of instruction. Upon successful completion, students receive a Practical Nurse Diploma. 

Please note: Once a student completes the Nurse Aide and Medication Aide phases of the Gateway to Nursing Program they are eligible to apply for Financial Aid for the Practical Nurse portion of the Program. 

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