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Financial Aid Options

Global Health College Financial Aid Office provides assistance to students to navigate the financial aid process to pay for their higher education. The Office of Financial Aid provides financial counseling, coordinates financial aid awards, and makes financial aid applications and program information available to all students. The Global Health College works with students to find ways to pay for their education and manage and lower their education costs through a variety of financing and payment options.  

Paying for Your Education

Options are available when it comes to covering your college expenses.   Federal Student Financial Aid, available through the U.S. Department of Education provides grants and loans to help fund your educational goals.  

Your financial aid eligibility is based on your current financial need, as well as other factors, including whether you’re a full-time or part-time student.  We encourage you to learn about these different ways to pay for your education and find out which ones you may qualify for.  

Remember: The No. 1 reason students don’t receive financial aid is because they never apply.  

1. Federal Financial Aid 

Explore the different federal financial aid options, including Federal Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans.  A detailed financial aid calculator can be found here to assist you in the decision making process. 

2. Scholarships

Learn more about private scholarships through www.FASTWEB.COM  Global Health College is also partnered with another organization that offers information on scholarships. 

3. Military and Veteran Benefits

Global Health College is experienced with helping military and veteran students use Tuition Assistance and Veterans Education Benefits to pay for school.  We are approved by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services to provide education and training to veterans and other eligible persons (GI Bill). 

4. Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan

Student Accounts allow students the opportunity to spread any tuition cost over $1000 into monthly payments during a semester/term. 

To Qualify for Financial Aid, You must:

  • Be enrolled in an eligible program of study
  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing
  • Not be in default on a federal education loan
  • Have U.S. citizenship
  • Have permanent residency or refugee status

Apply for Financial Aid at Global Health College 

Global Health College encourages you to apply for financial aid regardless of your income. Many students are eligible for financial aid and sometimes are surprised by how much aid they are eligible to receive. The Free Application for Student Aid is available online at

The Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is Your First Step

Your first step in applying for aid is completing the Free Application for Student Aid, known as the FAFSA.  Global Health College’s school code is 041400.  You will be prompted to create a FAFSA ID once you log onto  This ID will be used to sign your Free Application for Student Aid.  Please make sure you sign your Free Student Application as it will not be processed without a signature.  

What Happens After You Submit Your FAFSA

  • Global Health College receives your application (usually within three business days from the date you submitted your FAFSA with Global Health College’s school code).
  • The Office of Financial Aid will review your application once you have been admitted to Global Health College. 
  • The Office of Financial Aid will review your application, Enrollment Agreement, and  proof of High School Graduation and will contact you to complete the Internal Financial Aid process. The Financial Aid Department at Global Health College will use guidance from the Department of Education to identify if any additional information needs to be submitted in order to assess your application further.
  • You will be contacted directly via email or telephone to notify you if any additional information is required and to schedule an appointment to complete the Internal Interview process. The Internal Interview process will also include Loan Entrance Counseling and the completion of the Master Promissory Note. 

You’ve Been Awarded Financial Aid!  Now What? 

Initial Awards are based on the assumption that you will be enrolled half-time; awards will be adjusted if you enroll in fewer or more credits. Your Pell Grant will automatically be accepted on your behalf. Pell Grants will be revised according to your actual enrollment after the add/drop period of the semester. Therefore, you may see your award amount fluctuate throughout the semester.  

Consider Adjusting Your Loan Award Amount 

After you accept your award, you may adjust your loan amounts to better match your intended enrollment or reduce your loan amounts if you only need a portion of the award. To adjust your loans, simply notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing immediately. 

Remember to Maintain Your Eligibility 

To maintain your eligibility for financial aid, you must meet the standards set forth in Global Health College’s financial aid policy on Satisfactory Academic ProgressChanges in your enrollment can affect your financial aid eligibility. 

Free Services for Students and Alumni

Global Health College has collaborated with Solutions at the Educational Credit Management Corporation  to provide our students and Alumni with additional services including these services: 

  • One-on-one student loan repayment advice 
  • Money Management tools 
  • Financial literacy resources


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