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High School Students

Are you about to graduate from high school or a recent high school graduate who is seeking a career in healthcare but don’t know where to begin?

For more than a decade, Global Health College has prepared its students for successful careers in nursing. It is an exciting time to become a nurse. Qualified nurses are in high demand in the United States, and there are numerous employment opportunities for nurses in many clinical settings. Nurses have the advantage of having a fulfilling career that is both personally rewarding and has high earnings. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, nursing may be the ideal career path for you. Global Health College, a nursing school that completely focused on nursing education, is ready to help you take this next step in your life toward achieving your educational and career goals. 

Global Health College offers many nursing programs to enter the field of healthcare and launch your nursing career:

Practical Nurse – Diploma
Nurse Aide – Certificate
Medication Aide - Certificate
Gateway to Nursing Program

Jump Start Your Nursing Career with the Gateway to Nursing Program

Global Health College has a special Gateway to Nursing Program that was designed specifically for high school graduates. The goal of the Gateway to Nursing Program is to introduce students to a career in nursing and provide a detailed path from Nurse Aide (NA) to Medication Aide (MA) to Practical Nurse (PN) — all within 18 months

Global Health College will provide students who are accepted into the Gateway to Nursing Program with an automatic tuition credit of $1,200. Also, upon successful completion of the Nurse Aide and Medication Aide phases of the program and certification in both, the student will receive an additional $7,000 scholarship toward their Practical Nurse Diploma tuition, which will be paid once all requirements are satisfied.*

*Must meet all the requirements, terms, and conditions of the Gateway to Nursing Program in order to receive the $7,000 Practical Nursing Scholarship.

Scholarships for the Gateway to Nursing Program

Global Health College is offering 10 merit scholarships for the Gateway to Nursing Program. Global Health College is committed to attracting highly qualified and passionate nursing students, so the scholarship program was launched to help students pay for their educations and get a fast start on their future nursing careers. 

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