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Copyright Infringement – Policy and Sanctions

Intellectual Property and Copyright Information

Copyrights exist for any original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Computer images, computer software, music, books, magazines, scientific and other journals, photographs, and articles are just some examples of property subject to copyright.  A copyright notice is not required.  It is a violation of law to copy, distribute, display, exhibit, or perform copyrighted works without permission from the owner of the copyright.

The college provides many programs and data which have been obtained under contracts or licenses stating that they may not be copied, cross-assembled, or reversed compiled.  You are responsible for determining whether or not programs or data are restricted in this manner.

If it is unclear whether you are personally permitted to download something, assume that you may not – again, a copyright notice is not required. Contact Information Technology Services with questions regarding software usage and licensing issues.

For example most songs are protected by copyright. This most likely means that it would be illegal to share any MP3s on your computer. The Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA) has alerted GHC to numerous cases of GHC students putting hundreds of copy righted songs on sites connected to the college network.

Putting copyrighted songs on sites and downloading them in any file format, MP3 or otherwise, can amount to serious violation of U.S. and foreign copyright law. Persons who put copyrighted music on sites, and those who download it, subject themselves to civil and criminal consequences.

Downloading, uploading, or using copyrighted files in violation of law means that action can be taken against you by the copyright owner. The college will not provide students or staff with legal defense or any indemnity against the award of damages, should action be taken. You can be sued in accordance with 17 USC 92 § 504(c)(2) for possessing even one illegal MP3 and may be liable for damages of $100,000 per illegal file.

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